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Why We Do, What We Do.


Mission Statement


Ace Academic Learning provides premium educational services to scholars from Kindergarten through 12th grades. With 2 locations based in Queens, our approach to academic instruction challenges our scholars by innovating and expanding upon the methods of traditional instruction. We differentiate ourselves in 2 distinct ways, initially by individualizing our methods to drive results and cater to the learning style(s) and needs of our scholars, and by rallying behind our scholars by involving all individuals dedicated to their academic freedom. We pride ourselves on remaining as diverse as the community we serve, by training and molding instructors from all walks of life. Our high standards are centered around our belief that all students possess the ability to grow, and it is with this driving belief that we get results.


Vision Statement 


Ace Academic Learning creates multifunctional facilities that offer a diverse selection of educational programming. We serve the Queens community by both developing and strategically partnering with organizations to create an environment where people of all backgrounds may learn or build upon the necessary skills to express themselves creatively through interest-driven learning, professional development and access to technological resources. Our courses aim to educate through exposure by utilizing instructors that are innovators of their industries and the technology that sculpts the world around us. 

 Relatable.  Smart.  Unified. 

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