Tutoring at Ace Academic is the best investment you can make for yourself or your child. Ace Academic offers to tutor in a multitude of facets, including private and semi-private lessons. We coordinate our instruction with that of your interest, course or child's curriculum and work collectively to ensure maximum understanding and retention. We are able to generate material that is specific to you or your scholar and that will strengthen the skills needed to reach the goals we have set forth. Whether we are setting goals to reach NYS Common Core standards,  focusing on enrichment, or maintaining a GPA our tutoring service will surely meet your expectations. 
Private or semi-private packages of tutoring hours are available in order to cater to your needs. There is no obligation to complete hours with us because we are confident that the services we provide will leave you satisfied. Our semi-private tutoring sessions hold a maximum of 3 learners to 1 tutor or teacher. This size setting is ideal when working with a group. Our private tutoring will maintain a 1 to 1 ratio at all times.
Classes are available during the week and on weekends.  
We urge you to come in and observe our unique and effective style of tutoring!