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Pinned Classes are classes scheduled at the same day and time each week. Each pinned class is grade and subject specific so that any seeker can come in are receive instruction on their assignments.


Class 1:   Mondays-4pm | K-1st: PHONICS
Class 2:    Wednesday-5pm | 4th-5th: Math & ELA 
Class 3:    Wednesdays-4pm | 2nd-3rd Grade: Early Childhood Reading 


What's Coming Up | Suitcases of Hope  

We’ve partnered up with charity, Suitcases of Hope.  An amazing initiative dedicated to providing luggage to children entering foster care.

Suitcases of Hope is a charity dedicated to giving a large duffel bag to a child just entering the foster care system. 

Unfortunately, social services does not have the financial means to purchase suitcases or duffel bags to pack a child’s meager belongings before being brought to a foster home. If they do not have any donated duffel bags/suitcases social services must use trash bags.

Donation Site: 219-44 Jamaica Ave | between 2p-7pm | Monday-Friday 

What We Need: new or in good condition luggage, duffelbags or totes.

Donation Day:  Thursday, December  23, 2021

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