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In addition to our core tutoring and after-school programs, we are rolling out new electives and community programs that are geared towards teaching our seekers how to navigate and thrive in a world in which they are aware of their own place in a connected community. Our brand new programs as well as partnerships with supporting organizations will provide the necessary tools and learning resources for our seekers to access their highest inner potential to be the community leaders they are destined to be. Academic success must be met with social impact. 

After-School and Tutoring

Core Academic Services

We are delivering the same quality educational services we have since we've begun in 2009. Our after-school and tutoring centers are led and staffed by the best talent we can acquire, including NYS certified teachers, social workers, and other educators. Your academic support team here at Ace guarantees to do all that is possible to keep you on the road to academic success, K-12.

Social & Emotional Class

Classes that are designed to cultivate social and emotional enrichment in all of our seekers. Classes will be led by social work staff and interns who will focus on developing the necessary skills for coping with and existing in the world as members of an connected community. Developing communication skills and empathetic understanding is integral to our development as lifelong learners and effective leders.

Discovering Your Passions

Offering a selection of elective courses that aim to develop the talents, skills, and creativity in us all, Ace Academic Learning Centers now provides classes that not only teach us how to find outlets for our own expression, but to understand how using our skills and talents is an embodied way of teaching ourselves how to use our intuition to navigate a complex world. We believe this sort of activity is integral not only in a therapeutic manner, but also teachers seekers how to best hone in their own strengths to perform well in classroom and other educational settings. 

Book Club!

We are constantly developing curated reading lists here at Ace Academic Learning centers as we believe literacy is foundational to all personal success. We take a critical approach to literacy here at Ace and wish to engage readers in complex dialogue with the text, not only as a source of information or narrative, but also as a living medium that expresses a wealth of sensory data that when explored correctly develops our intuitions and cultivates an empathetic world view that is necessary for the leaders of tomorrow!

Global Impact

We believe that learning is not a solitary task, and that what we learn must be oriented towards our responsibility to the communities that we are part of. Global impact programming seeks to educate our seekers to just how connected we are to other communities and that we are all an integral part of our global networks. Teaching how small acts have lasting impacts is the first step in being aware of how our behaviors and activities affect those around us.  

Community Impact

We want our seekers and staff to understand the importance of learning and giving back to our communities. All of our efforts at Ace seek to cultivate an awareness of just how important it is that everything we do have an ethical commitment to what is right and good, and that what we learn must always be available to making sure that the world is a better place for everyone. We believe that justice begins at home, and so we are offering community service opportunities that will develop the servant-leader skills necessary to make profound impacts in the world so that eventually even the least well off can live a life of sufficient dignity commensurate with our innate and equal value as human beings in this one Earth.

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