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 Individualized academic instruction for the seeker in us all


 /to͞odər/ (verb)

Tutoring: to teach or guide usually individually in a special subject or for a particular purpose. 

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

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We couldn't agree more!

Proudly providing quality educational instruction in the heart of Queens Village since 2009



I just wanted to thank Ace Academic Learning for their tutoring services for my sons. One scored 1550 on his SAT this year! And my younger son, was receiving SHSAT Prep tutoring and has been accepted to the Queens High School for the Sciences at York College. He was also the valedictorian for his 8th grade graduating class. Thank-you all again for helping my children achieve their dreams.     
S. Touhid, parent.                                        

What We Do

We deliver quality private (1:1) and semi-private (3:1) academic tutoring for Kindergarten through to adulthood across areas of study. 


But, many places do that.


We believe that learning goes hand in hand with awareness. Therefore we pair our tutoring with *personal expansion programming. 

Why We Do It 

because understanding yourself helps you understand everything else. 

because happiness and success aren’t mutually exclusive. 


because potential is attained through growth.


because education is a tool you must learn to use. 

because we have a responsibility to ourselves, our community, our planet. 



Who We Are

Qualified, passionate, aware, and caring human beings. Our team consists of, but is not limited to, practicing DOE certified teachers & paras, LMSW (Licensed Master of Social Work), Clinical Therapists, and happiness consultants.  

Who We Serve

 K-12th graders ​​

Undergraduate level students 

Graduate level students

When & Where 

Monday-Friday 2-8pm

Saturdays 10am-3pm 

216-16 Jamaica Ave 

Queens Village NY 11428

How We Do It

Step 1: Schedule a time with us to be evaluated.

(Between M-F 2-7pm & Saturday 10a-3pm

Keep in mind days for instruction that work with your schedule.) 

Step 2: We confirm your schedule with the instructors in your desired setting. (1:1/group) 

(You then receive your TeachWorks credentials  to view appointment times and account information.) 

Step 3: Make a Payment 

Social & Emotional       Learning 
Offered: FALL

  • Building intuition, coping skills, positive self-talk, high-level perception, and empathy.

  • Increasing socialization & camaraderie

  • Helping discover we have more similarities than differences

  • Discussion and activity based

  • ​Need driven 

Book Club 
Offered currently as summer workshop.

  • Broadening perspectives while building comprehension, fluency, and inferencing skills. 

  • Collaborative read-alouds

  • Discussion based

  • Hand-selected and curated texts

Community Impact
Offered: FALL

  • Developing self-love and understanding  through empathetic acts.                                       

  • Local organization cause and collaboration

  • Field Events-Community Outreach

  • Fundraising

Black and White Earth

Global Impact
Offered: FALL

  • Expanding thoughts on collective unity & accountability

  • ​International cause & collaboration

  • Research & solution for collective challenge

  • Implementation & advocacy driven 

Tutoring Pricing (2021-2022)

10 Session

Group Sessions: $650 | 1:1 Sessions: $750 

20 Session

Group Sessions: $1300 | 1:1 Sessions: $1500 

21 OR MORE Sessions

  • Group Sessions: varies at discounted rate

  •  1:1 Sessions: varies at discounted rate

K-12 Tutoring Sessions (1 hour/session)

All purchases of K-12 tutoring sessions under 21 sessions are sold in the packages of 10 or 20 sessions to guarantee booked seats with the scheduled tutor and times; subject to change, at the same rate/session. Each session is 1 hour. A commitment of at least 2 sessions per week is requested. All tutoring packages include the integrated requirement for commitment to one of our curricular expansion programs for at least the duration of the package. Test Prep, College Admissions Prep, College Readiness Tutoring, and College tutoring is offered pending availability at varying rates. Please call or email us for more information. 718.479.1400 |  

Pricing is subject to change. All packages are prepaid, At least 50% of package/purchased sessions must be paid prior to the first session. No contract. All sales are final. No refund will be issued. Value of any unused purchased sessions will remain on account as a credit towards future purchases. All policies subject to company discretion. 

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