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Expansion Programs

Seasonal Schedule

Our 3-month seasonal program schedule is intentionally designed to be delivered in succession; one set tying both concept and skill development into the next. Certain seasons signaling varying internal and external processes.

Expansion Program Structure
Skill development & activities outside of academic instruction are reflected in this cycle.


Internal Growth Objectives





External Growth Objectives



Internal Growth Objectives



External Growth Objectives 


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Fall Elective Options 
Sept, Oct, Nov Offering,  as of Aug 21
1.      Scrapbooking & Journaling
​2.      Sketching & Design/Art
3.      Interpretive Dance

Available for after-school participants.

Weekly Days & Times                                (All programing @ our 219 location)


Monday:            Social and Emotional Learning   5:45-6:45p

Tuesday:           Body Movement/Dance               5:45-6:45p 


Wednesday:     Book Club                                          5:45-6:45p

Thursday:          Art/Creation Development        5:45-6:45p

Friday:               Book Club Interactive                   5:45-6:45p


Saturday:           Global/Community Impact       11am-12:30p

                            Book Club SATURDAYS               12:30-1:30p

                            SEL                                                   2:00-3:00p


When participating in our full-day Saturday programing         we encourage bringing a bagged lunch.


If you are participating as a tutoring seeker, refer to all expansion programs to pair with your instruction with the exception of our electives, ie. Body Movement as electives are reseved for our after-school participants.  

For a deeper dive into our expansion programing, subscribe   to our blog!  

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