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FIRST Lego League at Ace Academic

Ace Academic invites you to join us for the 2018-2019 season of FIRST Lego League!

Lego League is a robotics and engineering program for students in Grades 4 to 8. Through a combination of scientific research, computer programming, and hands-on work with a fully functioning Lego robot, students apply the mathematical and scientific concepts they learn in school into a creative and competitive outlet.


Student Commitment

Being a member of the team is a large commitment, requiring the students to attend weekly meetings, give their attention and focus to learn from the coaches as well as from their peers, participate in tournaments, and conduct research both on-site and at home. We hope that along with the academic aspects of the program, the students improve their teamwork and leadership skills.

Parent Involvement

Just as much as student involvement is necessary, parent involvement can be equally as important. As the team takes on the rigorous tasks required of them by the competition, your encouragement and support go a long way. Taking it even further, we highly encourage you to participate with the students, learning with them and helping them with hands-on projects. (We are also looking for an additional coach for the team, so please speak to one of the current coaches if you are interested in the position.)

Registration and Fees

FIRST is a non-profit organization, and all our coaches participate on a volunteer basis. Any registration fees we may charge are solely for covering costs for the team, which include team registration with FIRST, tournament and event fees, team t-shirts and hats, and the Lego robot and challenge materials.


   If you are interested in enrolling your child for the upcoming season, please contact us soon! Registration will officially open in September 2018.



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