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Educators Ground

Grounding hasn’t been a natural process for me. As I consistently live on the go,

moving from class to class or student to student, and also managing my own family. Not to mention progressing in the education field, I am finding more and more that grounding is an essential tool for both students and educators.

So now the question arises, “How do you Ground?”

I guess this question would be funny to my students because I am seemingly so poised and on point, but that’s not necessarily the case. I too, need to ground and center myself, and for that matter …

Who doesn’t? Don’t we all... need a little grounding?

So here’s how it begins for me….

After constantly working nonstop… I usually start losing focus.

So first, I take a break, which usually entails a short walk. These walks serve as a brain break. It enables me to get some fresh air and think clearly. Although, short breaks and walks are essential to staying grounded, the key to keeping myself grounded is prayer. Most people don’t know that I constantly remain in prayer. Without my faith, I am unable to focus on the smallest tasks, and how can one help others without being able to focus myself? So prayer keeps me grounded and focused, which enables me to help my students day in and day out.

J. Trelles

#Ace Academic Director, Certified Educator, Special Educatio, Father, Friend

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