The Ace Guarantee

As you choose to move forward with a formal investment in your child's education it is important to understand "The Ace Guarantee". Ace Academic Learning Centers guarantees at least 1 full letter grade improvement in your child's primary academic area of concern when enrolled with us for a minimum of 10 weeks. Now, consistency is imperative. We must instruct our students at least 2-3x per week and be able to correspond with the student's primary teacher. This is essential in aligning our instruction with what your child is covering in the classroom. The key to our success is to remain relatable to our students, smart in the use of industry-leading technological advances, and the everchanging state standards and unified with all individuals dedicated to our students' success including families, mentors, and coaches. 


Our Guarantee:

We stand behind our services and delivering on our promises. If you purchase a Macbook Pro and it doesn't work, you take it back to the store and they make it right. To the team here at Ace Academic, delivering on what we promise is just common sense. 

Where many companies offer little or no guarantee, we're proud to back our tutoring with an industry-leading one; if your child completes our individualized 20-Hour Tutoring Program and doesn't improve by at least 1 letter grade from his or her previous marking period, we'll provide you with an additional 10 hours of tutoring for free.



In order to maintain eligibility for our Ace Guarantee, students must complete all components of their individualized program.


These components include: 


  1. Tutoring: Students must complete all tutoring hours in his/her program, consistently w/o missing appointments at a 2-3x per week frequency.

  2. Practice Tests: Student must complete all Practice Tests.

  3. Homework: Student must complete all assigned homework.

  4. Teacher Correspondance: Parents must provide all adequate avenues of communication to the student's primary teacher. 

  5. Student Engagement: Students must be committed to his/her own success. 


We have always believed that an educational organization should be willing to share their student results and stand behind those results with a meaningful guarantee. We always have, and we know that is one of the primary reasons that more than 75% of our clients come from referrals and repeat families. If you hold up your end, we'll hold up ours and work to make sure your child leaves our program with a dramatically improved approach and grade.


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