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Ace Academic Learning Centers

After-School and Tutoring services in the heart of Queens Village

Proudly providing quality educational instruction in the heart of Queens Village since 2009

Committed to quality, heart-centered educational services, by cultivating meaningful awareness for the seeker in us all.

Providing Quality K-12 Educational Programs Since 2009

REAL personal development

 Cultivating Awareness 

fostering personal expansion 

Closed Eye

building intuition 

discovering passions 

Black and White Earth

global impact 

community impact 


letter grade improvements 

retention of instruction 

increased engagement 

life long seekers

happy & balanced adults

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." 

-Albert Einstein 

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What We Do

All of our signature programs develop an aware learner & healthier collective. 


Algebra II

1:1 or Small Group 
DOE Certified Teachers or Tutors

Collective Impact 

Book Club

S&E Learning  

Daily H.W.

Daily H.W. Help 
*Seekers K-12th 

Seasonal Elective

S&E Learning  Class

Book Club

Collective Impact

K-8th 9am-2:30pm

Review of School Year



Year End Project


Heart & Hands

Global Initiatives

Local Community Outreach

Collaborative Challenges



Collective*   any group of which you are a member.                    Seeker* student or learner.

I​ntuition*       your inner knowing or heart-center.                          * See glossary for full list

How We Do It

Cultivating Awareness

When we better understand ourselves and become self-aware, we can better understand others, concepts & surroundings. This goes for kids, adults, and seekers alike. 

Personal Expansion Programs 

We believe that every learner can seek and attain growth both inside & out. Expansion is that inner-growth. Our expansion programming is paired with all academic instruction. 

S & E Classes
Building Intuition*

Building our intuition or “inner microphone” is important to understanding our feelings. Our feelings tell us so much about our perception and therefore our behavior. Our Social & Emotional Learning classes assist in this area. 


When we discover what we love and are good at, we reveal our skills, abilities & purpose. Our seasonal electives program uncovers small passions that lead to big ones. 

Book Club 
Broadening Perspectives

Perspective is reality. Broadening our understanding of other’s perspectives in relation to our own is essential. Our Book Club program does this while building fluency, comprehension, and retention.

Collective*  Impact 
Understanding Self 

Global Impact: 

a global issue solved collaboratively as proposed by our seekers.

Community Impact:

a seeker proposed community challenge aided with creativity and innovation.

How We Measure Up


Elementary (3rd-5th) Improvement Reading & Math in 10-weeks
We align our instruction with the material covered in the classroom.

  • Gathering feedback from teachers, coaches & mentors.

  • Instruction delivered by practicing DOE certified teachers and trained & experienced tutors.

  • Curriculum aligned organically sourced material for individualization.

Math Homework

Middle (6th-8th) Improvement English Language Arts 
80% report improvements in comprehension, fluency, or both.   

  • Including participation in our Book Club.

  • Expanding vocabulary & inferencing skills.

Overall Academic Confidence & Proficiency
90% of our entire student population reports an increase in confidence and subject proficiency.

Interested Student

Our After-School Program, Alchemist Academic, reports students showing grade improvements in as few as 10 days! The largest shifts occurring in student's grades increasing from 1-2's and 2-3's, and the lesser shift in grades from 3-4's as more developmental time is necessary. 


Alchemist Academy operates Monday-Saturday and offers us the unique opportunity to support our students daily and therefore be more impactful.

Why We Do It
supporting the next generation of change-makers

But, I say this with no hesitation, they were one of the main reasons our daughters' work ethic and attitude improved. I'm so appreciative of the help they received. The genuine care that was put into my daughters has not gone unnoticed.

I am extremely grateful for what they have done.  


                                      -L. Fields

If you're looking for the best place to tutor your child you need to go to Ace Academic right now!   It's the type of institution that will not only foster your child’s education but also their willingness to learn. 


                                            -F. Macauley

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