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ACE After-School in Queens Village

We have been teaching  & assisting our students with homework for over 10 years. We now understand the responsibility we have to help our learners better understand their talents, skills, and abilities both inside of the classroom and themselves. 


-random moments of awareness.

Cognitive Connections is a space where we can share insights about our experiences.

I remember both as a child and as an adult, being lied to and lying when being asked or responding to this question.

"What's wrong?" or

"What's the matter?"


I never thought much of it, and would often respond, "nothing.". It wasn't until I came into my awareness that each time a child asks me "What's wrong?" and there in fact is something wrong, it is because they are sensing my discomfort. If a child is sensing my discomfort they are behaving intuitively. Therefore, each time I disregard those behaviors with a lie, I communicate to that child that their internal knowing, their intuiton is not to be trusted.


I think it is important to be able to at a young age, validate your intuition because it's the confidence and self-love you build from that, that will give you the confidence to raise your hand in class, volunteer and strive for honor roll. 


Internal confidence is reflected externally.  

what we do

Homework Help

We do homework, but not only homework. Once the day's assignments have been reviewed, we engage learners with educational supportive activities and assignments. 


Thus we blend our academic instruction with additional support in our learner's key area of weakness. 

why we do


We do it so this generation is better, more equipt and healed than our generation. We understand that when we heal ourselves and our children we can heal the planet. 

who leads

Good Grades

Qualified, passionate, aware, and caring human beings. Our team consists of but is not limited to, practicing DOE certified teachers & paras, LMSW (Licensed Master of Social Work), and Clinical Therapists.  

when it happens

School Kids

We operate on all DOE designated school days & Saturdays for expansion programming. 


Hours of Service

Monday - Friday 2-6pm

Saturdays 10a-2p

Thank you!

12 years of experience!

13 years of

educational excellence

We have the know-how you need.

ACE Academic After School

Packages and Pricing

Tier 1

Min. 4 days per week of attendance 

(4) Social & Emotional Learning Classes per month

(8) Book Club Sessions per month 


Tier 2

Identical to Tier 1 but including our

Summer camp: Project Crashbox.

*Ask the office for pricing.

         After-School will be available:

        Monday-Friday from 2- 6 pm 

       * All are given healthy snack upon arrival​.

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