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10 Things You Must Know for Navigating Remote learning

1. You must have a Gmail/GSuite account issued by the school you attend.

All New York City public schools have created a GSuite account with the schools domain name. This may not look like an email with the domain "," it may have the school name. This email is the one that you will use to log into Google Classroom arrangements.

2: If your account is not created already, you must wait for an invitation from the teacher to create the account. 

If you still have not received any information, please reach out to the teachers and make sure that you have what you need.

3. Your personal account will not work, You require the valid account sent by the school.

The accounts that the school created during this week are the only ones that will work with Google Classroom.

4. You should expect to be in communication through google classroom the designated school hours, which range from 8am to 2:30pm.

All teachers are required to be in front of their computers during the school day and will keep constant communication. This will be the best time to reach them and communicate any questions.

5. Some teachers may opt to use virtual lessons to communicate with their students.

This may come in the form of shorter videos or longer full-fledged lessons. This is dependent on the teacher, and will vary widely between schools.

6. Some teachers will post assignments, and provide feedback via messaging on Google Classroom as their instruction.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with all the different aspects of Google Classroom. As it stands right now, we may be in the remote learning situation for longer than expected.

7. Please become familiar with Khan Academy because most science and math teachers will use this tool for their assignments.

Khan Academy is a fantastic resource that we at Ace utilize frequently. There is a wealth of video tutorials and practice questions at the ready on this website. Some teachers may opt to create separate accounts on Khan Academy for their students, which they may communicate via Google Classroom to their students.

8. Iready and Ixl will also be utilized by teachers for their assignments.

Similar to Khan Academy, these are platforms with online learning assignments that help grade and track assignments. IReady is generally used for ELA assignments, and Ixl is the math platform. Again, the platforms being used will vary between schools, and even teachers within the same school. All of this will be communicated via Google Classroom.

9. Google classroom will be used as a learning tool and communication tool, Skedula and PupilPath will continue to be utilized as the platform for grading.

Continue to check in on Skedula/PupilPath for the grades to your assignments, and for Google Classroom for the assignments themselves.

10. Make sure to save your work!

Many of the online platforms will have trouble dealing with the sudden spike in traffic. This means that even if you press submit or save, the work may not save properly. Make sure that you are saving the work that you are doing in a separate file (or on paper), so in the event that it does not save properly, you have a backup and can simply copy from there.

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